Saturday, 14 January 2012

HOW TO GIVE A BETTER SPEECH THAN OBAMA and change your world - (Don't get caught out) Darren Kelly, Kellcomm, Blog - Day 54


I was given a test at a recent keynote address about the Obama book. An audience member asked me what separated Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton from the previous First Ladys of America. I responded that they all had degrees. The person who asked the question seemed disappointed that I knew the answer.

I honestly revealed the only reason I knew the answer was because it appeared on a quiz on Bill O’ Reilly’s show on Fox News. Another question from another audience member followed. What would I have said if I did not know the answer? I would have owned up to my ignorance, but I may have questioned the source of the trivia. If it had been a question on a serious issue, I would have delayed my opinion until I was confident of the facts. I have seen many speakers take an audience's facts as gospel and get lured into replying in ignorance. It is normally the things you didn’t mean to say that get you in trouble. It’s important you never feel pressured into saying something that can harm your career or cause.

If the issue is a serious one

• always question the source. Do not proceed unless the source is credible.
• promise a reply on full disclosure of all the reliable facts
• stay true to your promise of a follow up

Tomorrow, I would like to show the one communication skill that helped GW Bush win two elections against Obama’s party. This analysis will help you succeed in any presentation or speech you make.

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