Sunday, 28 February 2010

Media likes and dislikes

Here are 10 likes and dislikes of the media. If you are seeking publicity or managing a crisis they will be of special interest to you.

10 media dislikes

A story that their reader, listener or viewer can identify with

Visuals like photos and graphics which make your story easier to assess

People who have a positive and willing attitude

People who are prompt and keep their promises

Press releases that get to the point quickly

People who are fully prepared to be interviewed and know their product inside out

People who are polite and appreciative

People who make themselves available when the media needs a favour

Experts in subjects

Stories with a celebrity angle

10 media dislikes

People who don't accept no for an answer and ruin a relationship before it's begun

Press releases that are as long as a book

Media kits that weigh as much as Mike Tyson

Calls asking why a press release has not been used

Coffee mugs and other branded items that just take up space in the press room

People who don't understand that particular medias audience

People who lie. The media never forgets when it gets burned

People who don't respect the time of a media person

People who get annoyed when their story is not delivered the way they want it

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts