Monday, 22 November 2010

Kellcomm - Dickens on Personal Development

1. Honesty.
Marley’s ghost delivered an honest message that he backed up with an example of the consequences. Scrooge’s honesty with himself allowed him to accept his mistakes and his need to grow.

2. Danger of Limited Thinking.
Scrooge once thought he was satisfied with his abundance of riches. He built a cocoon of meanness that stunted his spiritual and emotional development.

3. Goals.
Scrooge showed us that to achieve our goal, we must take massive action now! Putting things off until tomorrow not only delays the pain but increases it.

4. Choices.
Scrooge showed us that our beliefs precede reality. Our brain is our hardware, and we have the ability to replace any negative software with the good positive stuff anytime we wish. The ghosts inspired his change of beliefs and in doing so helped him change his feelings, decisions and choices. All these combined to create his new reality.

5. Success.
We learn that success is a very personal thing. It’s not about blindly following the path of another. Scrooge realised that his hard- nosed business mind needed the emotional intelligence Bob Cratchett possessed. This mix of IQ and EQ made him feel genuinely fulfilled.

6 How to Offer a Gift.
The gift of flowers to another person is only as successful as the message delivered with it. Scrooge didn’t just offer gifts after his redemption. He became a part of the gift also.

7. Respect.
The essence of great communication can be summed up in these seven letters. Treat yourself with respect and offer the same to those around you. Mr Fezziwig under whom Scrooge served his apprenticeship gained the respect of his staff by showing them respect and generosity of spirit.

8. Memory.
The Ghost of Christmas Past personified the importance of memory. Scrooge’s growth relied on his ability to honestly reflect on his past. He showed us that we must accept the reason we are in a position today is predominantly related to the decisions we made yesterday.

9. Organisation.
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come personified the value of time. When Scrooge asked this ghost to erase the writing on his own headstone he was asking for a chance to change what would be written on it one day. He realised his time was not forever. Time is our most valuable asset. Money can be won and lost and won again but wasted time is gone forever.

10. Excellent Communication.
Marley’s ghost created a master pitch for Scrooge. He was prepared and created a dialogue instead of a self -obsessed monologue. He framed, positioned and explained the situation to Scrooge in a very compelling way. Dickens used the most important punctuation mark in a salesman’s grammar, the question mark. He employed the core questions what and why to develop this very important conversation. Without them, Scrooge would have remained rigid in his meanness and Marley’s ghost might have failed in his aim.

Darren Kelly
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Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Kellcomm Christmas Carol - a sales inspiration

When people talk about life changing books Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' gets overlooked.That's because they cannot see beyond a mean Scrooge. The story represents all change, whether it's health, spiritual or business. One of the main points that Dickens makes is that we must take massive action now if we want to change. When you put things off until tomorrow, you allow to the pain to grow.

I have adapted this classic story as a sales and personal inspiration. It's my gift to you.Also includes 'Dickens on Personal Development'.

Enjoy A Kellcomm Christmas Carol at

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Carols Of Sales Success

C.... Communicate a value and deliver it with integrity.

A.... Attitude is a trait that must be positive and constantly reinforced.

R..... Respect your customers beliefs and goals.

O.... Organisation will save you and your customers valuable time.

L.... Listen to what your customers want and need instead of what you want to sell.

S.... Service which is outstanding enhances customer trust, loyalty and a desire to
refer you to others.

copyright Kellcomm 2010.

Darren Kelly
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Monday, 8 November 2010


1 Don’t deliver Press kits that weigh heavier than Mike Tyson. Newsrooms are not very big.

2 Never ask why a story wasn’t run. There could be many reasons.

3 Don’t waste their time with a story of no value.

4 Never lie. A reporter burned will never trust you again. It’s a foolish thing to attempt.

5 Poor Communication will waste a reporter’s valuable time. Either seek expert help if you are unsure or ask an expert to write your press release.

6 Don't get upset if your story is not told as you wanted it to be. It’s a story and not an advert you paid for.

7 Don’t promise an exclusive when it’s not. You damage a reporter's credibility, and that is unfair, and you will not be forgiven.

Darren Kelly
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Thursday, 4 November 2010

7 Tips To Protect Your Voice

Some people with a major sales pitch or job interview to plan for, think its ok to indulge in alcohol the night before. Apart from looking tired, their voice receives a double blow of no rest and the wrong sort of lubrication.
My years as a very successful broadcaster taught me that my instrument – my voice had to be looked after. The same goes for you.
Pick your times for having a great night out but don’t allow a poor vocal delivery to destroy your chances of success.

1 Practice a 5 minute daily deep breathing routine. When you breathe deeply you not only reduce stress, but you allow your delivery to have more natural volume.

2 Shouting is not good for your voice. How did you feel after going to a concert or a sporting event? Did you feel croaky? The strain on your vocal chords can be felt the very next day.

3 Try a glass of hot water with a spoonful of honey or a slice of lemon before you make a speech.

4 Alcohol, dairy products and smoking wreak havoc with your vocal delivery. How many times have we been subjected to a speaker, who was buoyed up by booze and thought he or she could hold an audience’s attention like the greatest speakers? Their slurred words in between coughs, the memory lapse and unstructured delivery caused boredom, some joviality but mostly embarrassment.

5 Rest is essential when your voice is strained, or when you can feel an illness like laryngitis coming on. Pushing it beyond its ability will strain it and reduce the speed of your recovery.

6 Warm up with a hum. All great communicators warm up their vocal cords before they speak at large events.

7 Find the pitch range that is right for you. If your pitch is too high or too low it can damage your voice. It is best you seek expert advice.

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts

7 Ways To Motivate Yourself Right Now

The legendary footballer George Best understood he had a problem with alcohol and knew he was going to fix the problem. However, George said it was always going to be tomorrow. He said his intentions were positive, but he just couldn’t get in gear.
Do you find that your goals are never met despite your dreams being strong?
Do you get frustrated when you meet failure and if only? Let’s look at some ways to turbo charge your motivation through better communication with yourself.

1 Create a movie in your mind of what you want to achieve. Step inside that movie and hear the sounds, and enjoy the colours and the impact your success has on you and those around you.

2 Act as if you are already achieving your success. This will help you communicate with yourself and others in a way that attracts success. If you think of yourself as confident and healthy you will do things that will fit the image you have yourself.

3 Promise yourself something special for achieving your goal. Put a picture of that car you want or that holiday destination you love on your wall to keep you motivated.

4 Avoid energy vampires who just want to dump their negative thoughts in your mind. There are some people who are stuck in a negative rut. They are in a job they hate. They are bitter about being passed up for promotion and think they are better than their boss. You can tell them a true story about a friend who lost their job and house through no fault of their own, but they don’t care. Second hand negativity is almost as bad as second hand smoke. There comes a time when you have to realise that they don’t want your help. It is better for you to be a positive environment which will add fuel to your goals.

5 Move right now. Motion creates emotion. If you say you are going to get fit from tomorrow, then start today, even if it’s progressively small. Get into the habit of putting your trainers on and walk or run today. A five minute workout will eradicate the “I’ll start tomorrow” syndrome.

6 Ask for feedback from an expert to keep you on track and encourage you to keep you on course. Read positive books and use workbooks to plan and chart your success.

7 Tell yourself to be patient. We all know that two week diets never work. People lose water and a few pounds and within weeks they are back to being unhappy again. Be realistic while remaining positive. Patience is a skill and it prevents frustration and negativity.

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts