Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Why you need a communication Coach?

If you were to ask the greatest communicators in your industry if they have a coach, many will say no. Why? They realise a coach is essential but feel it’s a sign of weakness to admit it. It seems strange that Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and other world greats have a coach and admit it but some business people don’t.

The danger for many who believe that you either have it, or you don’t is they will most likely never have it. You are not born with excellent communication skills but this art that can be learned. Like others, you start off clumsily and get better before reaching excellence. It is a journey of discovery, which will bring you greater personal and business confidence to reach any goal you desire.

How much difference does a coach make?
A communication coach will see the things that you don’t see and help you weed out the problems that are strangling your communication. Because the coach understands the structure and form over and beyond content, they can analyse your communication framework so people act on your words. It’s not just about fixing but generating new potentials, new resources and new strengths for greater performance.

What else does a coach do? A coach will hold you accountable and will only be satisfied when you reach your goals. A great coach will only be satisfied when you are performing at your highest level.

The Kellcomm method helps you win by teaching you the skills, showing you the rules, and guiding your practice. It accepts some wisdom of the past but is completely focused on what is essential for superior communication today. With the right attitude, you will reach the top of your game, and enjoy the fun, success and achievement that great communication offers.

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Leaders Debate

Tonight was a momentous occasion for British politics. The last time we saw a 3 way leader’s debate was back in 1992 when Bush senior, Clinton and Perot took part in the US Leaders debate. Our version had a much warmer and natural feel to it. Each candidate tonight was new to this style of debate, and I thought they all did very well considering the pressure they were under.

So why did Nick Clegg win in the polls? His nervous start was expected, but he quickly grew in confidence. His rapid hand movements at the start slowed down as the debate went on. Here are the reasons why Clegg connected with people and polled the highest.

1 He was honest.
2 He remembered people’s names. This showed a caring side.
3 He looked into the camera and into our eyes at home. Interaction with the viewer and not the studio audience was essential.
4 He stood up for himself when Gordon Brown tried to cosy up to him and Cameron questioned him.
5 He was comfortable in his own skin because he had a conviction in his beliefs.
6 He answered actual questions and didn’t report solely from the prepared party line.
7 People believed him because he backed up his words with facts.
8 He didn’t rudely interrupt others.
9 He didn’t seem to be rehearsed to the point of being robotic.
10 He told stories.

The fact that Clegg's performance puts him in a much stronger position now, highlights the importance once again of the ability to communicate effectively. Master this art and your business and personal life will improve dramatically.

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts

Friday, 2 April 2010

Dr Martin Luther King

Many people quote Dr Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech as being the greatest ever but fail to explain why. This is no bad thing as great performers have an ability to make performances look effortless while leaving us with a lasting glow.

Dr King's delivery was remarkable for 4 reasons.
1 The cause was big.
2 He had a magnificent voice.
3 His diction was magical.
4 He was a spiritualist and a philosopher who really believed in the cause.

When you give a speech, ask yourself two questions.
1 Will my words touch the soul?
2 Will anybody remember it 1 year on?

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts