Friday, 10 June 2011

The World's Greatest Sales Lesson - Darren Kelly (Kellcomm)

Yes You Can ( from the iTunes No. 1 Bestselling book 'The World's Greatest Sales Lesson').

This book, while steeped in business and personal development, owes its original inspiration to a speech made in the USA on 8 January, 2008. Barack Obama had just conceded defeat to Senator Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Primary. His emotive words sounded like they belonged in a victory speech, and on closer examination, I discovered the ingredients of thought that helped rejuvenate himself and his followers. Obama’s noble obsession or passion for change was evident as he spoke about being stirred and prepared for the challenges to come. If this was how he reacted to defeat, I wondered with excitement how he could empower his followers in victory. He praised the unbreakable self-belief of his followers who voted in record numbers because they had faith in change. Obama’s campaign plan was revealed when he called on everybody to take the journey to somewhere new. His plan to garner Democratic support was also flexible enough to encourage some Republicans to share a vision of a better and a more united America.

Strong personal values are what separate those who achieve success and fulfillment, and those who just achieve success. It was evident that Obama’s race for the White House was bolstered by a deep morality to ignite a spark in everybody to be better in social and business environments. Health care, every child’s future and the genius of people in business and education received his support in his vision for change.

Obama’s tempo and tenor showed us that hi-energy has the ability to transform our lives and the lives of those around us. The basketball loving Senator had power in body and spirit as he varied his delivery from the embracement of legitimate fears to encouragement with hi-energy hope. He maintained his rapport with his followers through an invitation for them to join his challenge for change. This was new to his followers, and he knew that, so he played the role of mentor. The obstacles of negativity and fear were dissolved by his words of encouragement and guidance, and his constant use of the team word, we.

Finally, he took us into the minds of the slaves who consistently searched for freedom and the immigrants who embraced new challenges to begin a better life. This was Obama’s way of telling us that the journey is not easy, but it is definitely achievable if you do what’s required consistently.

Obama’s speech asked us to pause and ponder the possibilities despite the harsh climate of recession and despair. It encouraged me to write about the eight golden traits necessary for outstanding success in Sales? After all, Obama was selling a vision with integrity when he embraced his followers. I thought about the people in business who have displayed each trait, and I set out on a voyage to provide you with their wisdom and experience.

Like Obama’s speech, the words of this book will never change, but I hope that every time you read it, you will have changed in many positive ways. Please use it to inspire you and carry you when times are tough. Use it to stimulate fresh thought and encourage reminders of your abilities. Use it to spread optimism and enthusiasm. Use it to help you serve others better and help them serve you better. Use it to bring the financial, emotional and spiritual happiness you deserve.

When you have finished reading, I hope you will look in the mirror and say “Yes I Will” because you and I know “You Really Can.”

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts