Wednesday, 14 July 2010

CEO Communication

I recently advised the CEO of a large blue chip company. He told me at first that he didn’t need any advice as he was successful already. His troops as he called them obeyed his commands and worked hard and the only issue he had was a belligerent board who stifled his goals.
I delved deeper and discovered the real issue. He always spoke from his frame of reference and never considered how people where receiving his information. His organisation was not a listening one so he was oblivious to the real thoughts of his staff. The same approach met the board’s buffers and this led to a more stressful life for this CEO. He finally admitted his need for change and now the cogs of his organisation are better oiled and moving faster in his direction of choice.
Wouldn’t life at all levels be less stressful and more productive if you could
• Inform more clearly?
• Persuade more effectively?
• Influence more productively?
• Inspire people to be better than they are?
• Negotiate better?

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Darren Kelly
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