Friday, 31 December 2010

Kellcomm - Get featured in new book


Would you like to feature in an exciting book alongside some world giants?

Due to the success of my book, ‘Love your Customer, Grow Your Business’ my publisher has requested I release the follow up in the series sooner than expected.

How do you build loyalty and trust and sell more online?

‘Love Your Customer, Grow Your Business Online’ will feature the secrets of the success of Amazon, Dell, Hewlett Packard and major hotel groups and fashion and food stores.

Have you done something extraordinary online? Here are some thoughts to prompt you.


Does your communication with your customers make them feel special?
How do you make life easier for your customer?
What lessons have you learned that you wish you knew earlier?
How do you promote your site?
Have you ever doubled your sales with one piece of copy writing genius?
What major awards have you won?

I am looking for a 400 word piece.I will edit all the successful stories and return them for approval.

It will either sit alone or alongside an example from a major corporate.
Please email for further information or to submit your work.

Closing date is January 17th.

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Kellcomm - How to effectively use Questions and Answers in a presentation

How to effectively use Questions and Answers in a presentation

Great presenters efficiently use a tablet PC for their presentations. They ask questions of their audience, stop the presentation, and write their answers on a computer's desktop, which displays on the screen for everyone to see.

This offers the audience a break and and helps stimulate another part of their brain.

Remember, an excellent presentation should edutain ( educate and entertain) It's very hard to do all three with one approach to your presentation.

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Kellcomm - Cold Calling

Turning a cold call into a warm conversation is a major skill.

In face to face communication your powers are divided roughly this way.

Words 7%

Tone 38%

Body language 55%

This means on a phone call you are using only 45% of your communication powers.

The number one cause of failure is to accept it is a numbers game. Think about what this tells your subconscious. This is accepting failure before you pick up the phone, and it endorses poor performance. It's a great excuse for a poorly prepared and delivered call. Champions expect success.

There is no best time because you don't know a persons diary or mood. Some sales people make excuses and don't start work until 11am. They finish at 4pm mentally because it's another great excuse. If a call is compelling it will be listened to.


Preparation, Concentraton and Moderation.


Research, Listen and Respect your listeners time.

Donald Trump once told a salesperson " Make me like you. Get to the point, be energetic and offer me a benefit."

When Michael Buble hits the stage, he delivers his songs like he's singing them for the first time. Do you have that same enthusiasm for every call or are you just plodding through a numbers game?

The famous Golfer Jack Niklaus once said he was the best because he could put a bad shot out of his mind quicker than other players could. If a cold call goes wrong do you unknowingly allow that to infect other calls?

Prepare for success and expect it.

We train the brightest minds to communicate more effectively.

Warmest regards,

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts