Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The World's Greatest Sales Lesson - Darren Kelly, Kellcomm

Taken from 'The World's Greatest Sales Lesson'

A Note from Darren

Before we embark on an exciting journey into the minds of some of the world’s greatest ever salespeople, I’d like to share a few thoughts with you. I’m thrilled you are here because I know that you have the power to control your own destiny, just like the people you will read about. For over 20 years, I have studied some of the greatest salespeople in many different industries. These people sold visions, products and experiences that changed the world. On their journey to the top, they experienced many of the challenges you are faced with every day. The World’s Greatest Sales Lesson is a book about personal possibilities and limitless thinking, and its goal is to take you into the top five per cent of salespeople in your field. It is so unique because for the first time ever, you have access to eight of the most brilliant business minds, and you will discover how you can think, act and sell like them too. Their success was no accident, and was built on their understanding that Sales is the world’s greatest profession. When I say that Sales is the world’s greatest profession, do I mean it is a profession more valuable than a doctor, a teacher, a scientist, or a lawyer? Well, ask yourself these questions. How did the doctor get her surgical equipment? How did the teacher get her school? How did the scientist get his laboratory? How did the lawyer get her library?
Isn’t it true that somebody did some selling to help these professionals receive the essentials for their jobs? Isn’t it also true that the best people in each of these wonderful professions are great salespeople too? After all, making a sale is simply a transfer of value with logic and emotion, and don’t these industries require people who can persuade, inform and negotiate every day? Wouldn’t you agree that nothing happens in the world until a sale of some sort is made? The most successful people in any profession know they must develop their selling skills.
Some people pour scorn over the tough and sophisticated profession of selling, and I can partly understand why. They may have suffered a salesperson who didn’t listen effectively, who didn’t follow up on a promise, or who didn’t offer worthwhile solutions for their issues. They may have suffered a salesperson who didn’t try to understand them and their business, or one who made exaggerated claims. I can’t deny that like every other profession, there are lazy, deceitful and shoddy salespeople who operate out of line with the ethics of most. This book, however, separates the greatest salespeople from their less stellar counterparts, and puts the pride into the skill and level of care necessary for success in selling.

I am very excited to offer you an insight into the minds and selling secrets of the founders of eight of the world’s most famous brands. When you hear the names Apple, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Nike, Trump, Wal-Mart, Sony and Estee Lauder, you immediately think success. I have discovered what made their founders sell so successfully on a consistent basis, and I will reveal how you can model their success.
The eight great salespeople I have carefully selected for this book changed the world for the better. It’s true that you can pick faults with all of them, but anybody can do that. Have you ever seen a statue erected for a critic? These great salespeople have created jobs and satisfied their customers’ needs and wants, but what they have given the world most of all, is hope. They have provided future generations with a hope for what is possible. Their amazing traits allowed them to lead people to achieve more than they thought possible, and helped their customers enjoy a new level of excellence.
Who are the big names behind these big successes? The people in question are Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Ray Kroc of McDonald’s, Phil Knight of Nike, Donald Trump, the original The Apprentice host, and owner of The Trump Organisation, Sam Walton of Wal-Mart, Akio Morita of Sony and the beauty queen, Estee Lauder. These great salespeople sold to themselves, sold to their people, sold to their investors, sold to their partners, and then they sold to the rest of the world.
So, what are the major traits that made these people very successful? These traits are a noble obsession, unbreakable self-belief, a flexible plan, strong personal values, hi-energy, rapport, a desire for knowledge and consistency. You are about to learn how the eighth success traits helped these people build companies that still thrive today. It is important to remember that these people were not born great salespeople. They were made, and you will soon discover how they learned these traits.
Sales is such an inspiring career where you get to meet and learn from other people. You make new friends, and you get to make their lives easier, better or more exciting. This creates a powerful reason to get passionate about every day. The emotional high of selling success comes from knowing your reward is not just financial, but you are making a real difference in the world. If you adopt the skills, secrets, techniques, and technologies in this book consistently, you will have a more fulfilling and rewarding career in Sales. It will help you connect with your customers in an intellectual and an emotional way that no other book has ever offered before.

Whether you are a Sales trainee, a star Sales rep, a Sales manager, or non-Sales type who needs help selling yourself, your ideas, or your products and services, then this book is for you. It is certainly not a standard book on selling because it goes beneath the skin of success in Sales. You may find yourself unlearning old selling techniques and learning new ways to engage your customers. You will develop true sales dialogue with yourself and the people who buy from you. It’s not just your sales that will increase, but the strength and length of your customers’ friendships. It’s about simple, easy-to-use tools that build inner beliefs and instant trust and credibility that can help you sell better than before.
I have also included some secret bonuses to help you understand these people even more. You will discover seven secrets of an Apple product launch, Warren Buffet’s thoughts on Bill Gates’ sales skills, the true power of Ronald McDonald, and how Nike sold their first trainers. I will also reveal what gives Donald Trump a head start over his rivals, the ten secrets of building audience rapport like Sam Walton, the secret of how Sony sold their pocket radio, and Estee Lauder’s favourite cold calling skill.
Please come with me now, as we look into the minds of eight of the world’s greatest ever salespeople, and discover how you can adopt their secrets, for your success.

Darren Kelly
The Communication Experts