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HOW TO GIVE A BETTER SPEECH THAN OBAMA and change your world - (The Emotional Leader) Darren Kelly, Kellcomm, Blog - Day 53


Before I started writing ‘How To Give A Better Speech Than Obama and change your world’ I decided not to read his two books first. I wanted to see if I could enter his mind through his speeches and through the thoughts of those closest to him. When I compared my book and his books afterwards, I found a remarkable consistency in conscience and values from the day he became a Senator. There was no spin and no desire to believe the media’s image of a political superman. What I found was a very humble, apologetic, patriotic and thankful person whose vision for fairness and equality was cemented in his work.

I finished reading ‘Dreams From My Father’ recently. It is simply superb because Obama opens his heart and soul to reveal his mistakes, his pains and his positive attitude despite the challenges he faced as a child and teenager. He takes you to Hawaii to reveal his upbringing, and the selfish father who left him. He takes you to Indonesia where his mum and step father made a new home with an ape called Tata. He chronicles his return to America and his journey to Harvard. You also feel his joy and pain when he visited Kenya to meet the family he never knew. His relationship with his half-brother Roy was one of deep understanding and love, and his relationship with his half-sister Auma was one of loving fun and big brother concern.

On page 429, Obama's words at his father’s grave reinforced my view of what is important in life. He said, “Words of encouragement. An embrace. A strong true love. For all your gifts- the powers of concentration, the charm – you could never forge yourself into a whole man by leaving those things behind.” Despite small-town and big-city politics, Obama’s book proves that most people have a need to be respected for their dreams and hopes. They want to be listened to and understood. They want to be loved. Obama understands that it is logic that makes us think, but it is emotion that makes us act.

Tomorrow, I will reveal what separates Michelle Obama and the last two First Lady’s from every other First Lady.

On Sunday, I would like to show the one communication skill that helped GW Bush win two elections against Obama’s party. This analysis will help you succeed in any presentation or speech you make.

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